Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meyers Lexikon

When I lived in Sydney I was always curious about the house at the end of the street. It was one of those piece-of-pie houses made to fit on a wedge of land and I could glimpse a nice garden through the fence. I went to a garage sale there partly just to take a sticky beak. The mood was very somber though and as I looked at some beautiful old German encyclopedias the woman told me that her partner had died and she was selling some of his things. She sounded distracted, like she was still in shock. I always think of that day when I look at them and I hope I've given them a good home.




Joanna said...

I love the balloon eggs. Lets paint some real balloons like birds' eggs! This reminds me of my favourite LIFE book, "The World We Live In". I also love the clouds! And the precious stones. "Topaz" is one of my favourite words.

Monica said...

I should have shown the books to you this evening. Oh well, next time lovely lady.